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Cewe Instrument

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CEWE Instrument AB is a company that operates in the Wholesale industry. The company is headquartered in Huddinge, Stockholm, Sweden.

Secure Meters (Sweden) AB is a part of the Secure group and has been in the business of energy measurement for over 60 years, with markets in over 50 countries.
Secure Meters (Sweden) AB works with energy utilities to provide highly accurate power-station and grid metering, and with associated industries such as panel builders, solar PV companies etc. Their relationship with customers is based on the provision of quality products and trust, developed over time through the pragmatic application of technology and by maintaining high standards of service. Their focus is on accurate monitoring of energy usage to help conserve these resources without compromising performance or restricting growth.

Secure Meters (Sweden) AB offers complete solutions for electrical and energy measurement. The solutions are communications enabled and allow data-collection, processing and presentation for domestic, industrial and power sectors. The products make the customers aware of energy consumption and empower them to control it, thereby contributing to lower carbon dioxide emissions.

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